Scope of activities


Integrated Thought and Action


…way beyond basic geography…
We convincingly resolve practical tasks, optimize your projects, add scientific value and significance, and assist with academic expertise capable of reaching people.

Geographic Tools

… data processing, analysis and presentation of specific situations and complex Systems

  • Cartography
  • GIS analyses and applications
    incl. workflow design and programing
  • Data collection and analyces
  • Data processing and visualization
  • Visualization of complex contexts, content and phenomena
  • The realisation of seemingly unsolvable tasks

Knowledge Transfer

… communicate internal and external knowledge within own and third party projects

  • Excursions and educational trips
  • Standard teaching
  • advising of experts and authorities
  • Instigate and expand networks
  • Project consultation and management
  • Publication and mass dissemination of knowledge and content
  • Scientific transfer
  • Scientific groundwork and support for practical projects

Research and Knowledge Development

… possibilities, strategies and innovation for the revaluation of rural areas

  • Immigration to rural areas
  • (Sporadic) brain gain in rural areas
  • Regional / local (economic) cycles
  • Utilization and ongoing development of cultural landscape
  • Cultural diversity and biodiversity in rural (Alpine) areas
  • Refugees in rural areas
  • Social trends and their locations